Hi, I'm Barkley.

Let me tell you a bit about our company....

Life should be spicy.

Royal Merchant Trading Company was started by passionate people who believe in sharing good food, great drinks, and lots of time with loved ones. Sitting around the table with family and friends gives us time to breathe. In our homes, we believe that meal time temporarily separates us from the world and provides opportunities for inspiring guests, poignant commentary, and new challenges.

Shouldn’t our flavors be as exciting as our conversations?

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality dried spices & herbs to our customers. Our company actively listens to what home cooks need and places a priority on:

  • Food & Ingredient Transparency: Royal Merchant prides itself on its sources - all the way down to specific regions and even individual farms. Our spices & herbs are imported from distinct growing regions identified as those best suited to each product. The region is printed right on the front of each package’s label so that you know exactly where your food is coming from.

  • Authenticity of Flavor: We want you to experience maximum flavor every time you use our products. Royal Merchant spices & herbs aren’t over processed; we keep them the in the wholest form possible to maintain an authentic flavor profile until you’re ready to release it. Each product is packaged in 0.5 - 1 oz double-sealed bags to maximize freshness by reducing the time between first opening the spice or herb and using that last pinch. Additionally, our food-quality, zip-sealed plastic packages reduce oxidization by minimizing air exposure.

  • Easy Access for the Home Cook Foodie: We want you to have the same access to trending and seasonal flavors that your favorite chefs have. Royal Merchant is dedicated to bringing professional-grade spices & herbs to the average consumer in appropriate retail quantities at the best price.  

We pay attention to the field, family-table, and everything in between to restore the spice in your life.