"Soup-er Soups" Gift Set

"Soup-er Soups" Gift Set


Give the gift of premium comfort to your culinarily-inclined friends who deserve a chance to relax with a delicious meal. Royal Merchant’s “Soup-er Soups” Gift Set includes three soul-warming soup recipes and a delicious bread recipe, all carefully curated by our team members. It’s also the perfect gift to give yourself — who doesn’t want a little more time to rest from the holidays with a bowl of soup? This gift set provides everything you need!

Gift set includes:

Four recipe cards and 11 of Royal Merchant’s spices to bring deep, rich authentic flavors to your dishes.

Tomato Fennel Soup

Carrot, Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Spiced Chickpeas

Patrick’s Potluck Rosemary Bread

  • Indian Coriander Seed, 1 oz

  • Black Tellicherry Peppercorn, 1 oz

  • Turkish Cumin Seed, 1 oz

  • Madras Turmeric, 0.5 oz

  • Indian Cayenne Pepper, 0.5 oz

  • Moroccan Rosemary, 0.5 oz

  • Mediterranean Aleppo, 0.5 oz

  • Egyptian Sweet Fennel Seed, 1 oz

  • Shandong Snow White Garlic, 1 oz

  • Moroccan Thyme, 0.5 oz

  • Turkish Bay Leaves, 0.25 oz

  • Cracked Indian Ginger, 1 oz

  • Indian Cayenne Pepper, 0.5 oz

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